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Painting and drawing courses
individual classes

      I have more than 25 years of art and teaching  activity, dozens of students and two higher art educations behind me.

    In my art workshop you are offered the widest range of options for classes - from an individual program to classes in groups of up to 5 people. In that case, an individual program is possible for each individual participant in a group of up to 3 people. Classes are held for adults and children from 11 years and older.

    Here you can learn evetything your heart and soul desires - from drawing, botanical art and icon painting to painting with watercolor, acrylic, oil, as well the technique of wall paintings.

In a sincere and creative atmosphere you will get everything you wanted to know about art, but were afraid to ask:)

     Classes are held both in the form of courses and according to a schedule convenient for you.

Classes are held at:

Alser Strasse 32, 1090 Vienna

or at

Niederwaldstrasse 17, 3032 Eichgraben Niederösterreich





Painting and drawing courses for children 

We study the basics of painting, drawing and composition according to a modern and interesting author's methodology. Your children will recieve all the necessary academic knowledge in a form that will not let the child get bored.

Classes are held individually or in a group of up to 5 children.


Painting courses for adults

After completing this course, yor will be able to create independently, having the necessary knowledge and skills in stock


Courses for university applicants in art, design or architectural specialties

In this course you can fill in the missing knowelege and skills, and prepare a folder with works that is necessary for submitting documents to your chosen university

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